What We've Done

What We've Done

Below are pictures from the previous Umbrella Events events. Here you will see guests and clients alike having fun, playing games, eating and drinking and most of all not worrying about ANYTHING!

Harper Birthday Party

Planning a very small birthday party for the their son, the Harper family requested some assistance with decorating their house for the event. Umbrella Events purchased all the supplies and decorated for the event. The family was very happy with the decorations and even more happy that they didn't have to do it!

DeFrancesco Bar Mitzah

The DeFrancesco Bar Mitzvah was a very special event when the Bar Mitzvah boy was called up to the Torah surrounded by 150 family and friends. The family celebrated with four days of festivities in which Umbrella Events was involved and coordinated. Thursday night rehearsal at the temple was the beginning of the festivities where family, friends and the Rabbi walked through the entire ceremony. All, especially the Bar Mitzvah boy, had the opportunity to practice one last time their hebrew speeches. On Friday, the family attended the Friday night service at the temple followed by a small dinner donated by congratants of the temple. The Ceremony, which was beautiful and thoughtful, commenced on Saturday morning. The Bar Mitzvah boy, or shall I say man, did a great job with his hebrew. We all were very impressed! Following the ceremony, a Kiddush with a dairy luncheon was provided for all attendees and congragants. After a small break in the day, for the family and friends to relax and unwind form the days events, the reception at Mountain Ridge in Wallingford, CT kicked off! With a rock wall, a pool, fooseball tables, basketball courts, horseshoes, softball and arcade games, there was plenty for kids and adults alike to do! As a softball game was going on on the east side of the resort, the adults were playing a great game of horseshoes! Some decided to go for a swim, althought it was a bit on the chilly side, kids are fearless though! Other daredevels tried their luck on the rock wall! What a blast they had!! As day turned to night, the festivities were brought inside, where we served dinner, danced and played games all night long! With tons of gifts, props and games, the kids were going crazy to get all the giveaways they can!

DeSorbo 100th Birthday Party

The DeSorbo Family, who are based in all parts of the country from Connecticut to New Mexico to North Carolina and on, was planning a very special 100th Birthday for their father. Their father owns (and continues to work at) a Flower, fruit and vegetable stand for over 70 years in New Haven, CT. With this in mind, the birthday party was centered around his business with an Italian Fruit and Vegetable theme. Centerpieces were designed using fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables. During the event, several family members told stories of the last 100 years, other presented the Birthday boy with awards, plaques and honors. He was very emotional and honored, as was the family. It was a truly special day and it was a pleasure being a part of it.

Christmas Party

With her birthday in the month of December, Susan wanted to plan a Christmas/Birthday party with her friends,and fmaily in attendance. Held at her house, the party was fun and festive for all involved. With catered food, holiday decorations and festive games and music, all guests had a great time and the birthday girl enjoyed spending time with her family and friends!

Arfa Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for two children only a couple years apart can be a difficult task due to the differences in ages of the birthday children as well as the guests, therefore Umbrella Events was called in to assist! Assisting with the decoration and the entertainment, Umbrella Events booked local children's entertainer, Pongo The Clown. All in attendence had a blast watching the clown, eating great food and busting open the pinata! It was great day for all!


Van Etten Birthday Party

As their first child approached one years old and having a very hectic life and schedule, the Van Etten family contacted Umbrella Events to assist in the planning of their baby's first birthday party. Requiring a central location between NY, NJ and CT, a local New York City restaurant, cowgirl restaurant, was chosen for this event. Serving great mexican food in a private room, the family and friends enjoyed the the event and most important the birthday boy had a great 1st Birthday!!


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